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Libby Kramer 
I've been passionate about the topic of grief ever since I lost my dearest friend to suicide at the age of 21. That experience took me on a very painful, but beautiful journey that has impacted me profoundly. I love to listen to others and to be a part of their healing process. Even if you're not sure if Grief Recovery is right for you, reach out and give me a call - I would love to hear your story and offer you support in any way that I can. 
Seitdem ich im Alter von 21 Jahren meinen besten Freund durch Selbstmord verlor, habe ich mich leidenschaftlich für das Thema Trauer interessiert. Diese Erfahrung führte mich auf eine sehr schmerzhafte, aber auch schöne Reise, die mein Leben maßgeblich verändert hat. Ich liebe es, anderen zuzuhören und ein Teil ihres Heilungsprozesses zu sein. Selbst wenn Sie sich nicht sicher sind, ob Grief Recovery das Richtige für Sie ist, können Sie mich gerne anrufen - ich würde Ihre Geschichte gerne hören und Ihnen die Unterstützung bieten, die Sie brauchen. 
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Libby Kramer Grief Recovery Specialist

What is The Grief Recovery Method? 

The best way to find out if Grief Recovery is for you is to have a chat. Please call - there is absolutely no pressure. 

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Grief Recovery Services I offer 

Adult programme to learn how to talk to your children about grief and loss Grief & Bereavement using Grief Recovery Method in a group format Grief & Bereavement help using the Grief Recovery Method in a 1-1 format Grief Recovery for when you have lost a pet

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  • Downplaying Our Losses
    We're all taught no one likes a complainer and that "someone always has it worse than you". But this can mean that we feel obligated to pretend that our losses haven't affected us and that everything is "just fine". What does that do to us in the long term?
  • How to Listen to a Griever
    We all want to help our grieving loved ones, but often the statements we make - even if correct on an intellectual level - are not helpful. Here are a few tips on helping a friend or loved one who has suffered a loss.
  • The Clothes - what to do with the clothes & possessions when someone dies
    Hints and tips on when and how to deal with the clothes when someone you love has died.

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