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Grief Recovery Handbook for Pet Loss

If you've found yourself almost inconsolable after your pet died, please know that you're normal. If you've found your family and friends don't understand the level of your grief, please know that this too is normal.  
Frustrated by long lead times offered by sellers we now hold stock of all the books written by the founders of The Grief Recovery Method John W James and Russell Friedman. This latest book reaches out to those of us who have experienced the absence of a cherished companion.  
Without comparing our relationships with out pets to those of those with people, we know that, because of the unique emotional relationships we have with our pets and companion animals, their deaths produce a pain that is difficult to describe.  
If you relate to all or any of those sentences this book is for you. We have been there and probably will be again. We will be with you on this journey to help your heart heal.  
Grief Recovery Handbook for Pet Loss 
Incomplete recovery from grief can have a lifelong negative effect on your capacity for happiness. Drawing from their own histories, as well as from others, the authors illustrate what grief is and how it is possible to recover and regain energy and spontaneity. Based on a proven program, "The Grief Recovery Handbook for Pet Loss" offers grievers the specific actions needed to complete the grieving process and accept loss.  
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